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Waldorf Watch: Middle School Students Participate in Important Marine Research

Our 8th grade class had a unique opportunity to assist Dr. Arthur Kopelman with research on seals on Long Island.

Photo Credit: Janelle Beardsley

Last week the 8th grade visited Cupsogue Beach Park with members of the Coastal Research and Education Society of Long Island (CRESLI) in order to observe, count, and record information about the local seal population. In groups of four (two to count and two to record), the students used telescopes and other observation tools to track the seals living in the Long Island harbor. Once a seal was identified, the 8th graders filled in data collection sheets with observations about the weather as well as the seals’ appearance and behavior. This data is used by CRESLI to track and care for the animals living in the harbor. During the trip, the class identified between 107 and 121 different seals, noting the variations in behavior and color patterns.

Photo Credit: CRESLI

Photo Credit: Minqi “Maggie” Chen

By taking part in this research, the students not only experienced the ecosystem first hand, they also developed a greater understanding of the data gathering processed used by researchers who study the ecosystems with a goal of preserving them. Students also utilized this data to better understand the ecosystem of their native Long Island. The 8th grade, along with the 7th grade, will continue this important research later this spring.

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