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Waldorf Watch: Senior Rachel Kang Studies Use of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Senior, Rachel Kang and her research partner from another school, spent their summer on a research project at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Massachusetts.  Under the supervision of a WPI professor, the two studied the potential application of, Deep Learning,  a technique for implementing the Machine Learning aspect of AI, on medical image analysis. The goal was to determine if Deep Learning could be used to filter data more efficiently to allow for more accurate diagnostics based on medical images like X-Rays and CT Scans.

Rachel and her research partner submitted their project, officially titled, “Unsupervised Image Filtering using Generative Adversarial Networks,” to the Siemens Competition, one of top science research competitions for high school students in the country. Scholarships for winning projects range from $1,000 -$100,000.

The School would like to congratulate Rachel for her hard work on this project and we wish her the best of luck in the competition.

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