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“What Goes on Behind Those Walls?” – A photo exhibit by Iwonka Piotrowska

Students, parents, faculty and friends are invited to view a series of photographs currently on display in the hallway directly across from the Miller Library entrance at the Waldorf School of Garden City.

The photography exhibit was put together by Waldorf parent Iwonka Piotrowska and is entitled “What Goes on Behind Those Walls?”

Writes Ms. Piotrowska, “This question was the starting point for a collection of photographs chosen to bring to light the workings of the students and faculty in the rooms on either side of the corridor walls. These photos dwell on those areas of the curriculum that most directly engage the senses, as the students interact with wood, thread, tools, bats and balls, compost, test tubes, violins and drums. The photographs, now installed in the corridor, were taken in the same spaces where the students learn and produce their work. Often considered a non-space, the corridor is also a space of learning.”

The photographs were printed onto aluminum panels. Any “white” in the image appears directly as the exposed metal of the print substrate. The process (framing the image, printing, shipping and hanging), and the materiality of the photographs themselves are directly connected to the making and learning that happens behind those walls.

Ms. Piotrowska’s photographic work is rooted in an abiding interest in cycles of growth and decay, which she has studied through printmaking and mixed media installations, as well as through photography. Her work is not about form; rather, it is concerned with the intertwining of materials, the senses and time, and finding beauty in the everyday.

Ms. Piotrowska is a trained and licensed architect and mother of three current Waldorf students. She is married to Waldorf alumnus David Resnick (class of 1979).

Dr. Chris Bleecker, Waldorf’s Director of Admissions, remarked, “Iwonka has done a remarkable job in garnering this opportunity for us and in creating a thoughtful and beautiful exhibit that exemplifies the work done at the Waldorf School of Garden City!”

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