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Transportation & Hours of Operation



“Section 3635 of the Education Law requires all non-city districts to provide transportation for pupils enrolled in kindergarten through grades 8 who live more than two miles from the school they attend and for pupils enrolled in grades 9-12 who live more than three miles from the school they attend up to a distance of fifteen miles. The distances in each case are measured by the nearest available routes from home to school. In order to obtain transportation for their children, parents must file requests with the district in which they live by April 1st of the preceding school year or within 30 days of moving to the district.” read more…

Nassau County Residents

Each year, parents and guardians of Waldorf students must obtain and submit a “Request for Transportation to a Non-Public School” form to the school district in which the student(s) reside by April 1st. of the preceding school year. Failure to submit your request by this deadline may result in your student not qualifying for transportation.



  1. Contact your local school district’s transportation office to apply for transportation. (CLICK HERE for a link to many public school district transportation offices and their downloadable forms.)
  2. Before school starts, you should receive a confirmation letter in the mail from the district AND a route assignment from the bus company that the district has contracted for your child’s transportation.
  3. Contact the Waldorf School of Garden City and provide us with this information by clicking on one of the buttons below:


New York City Residents

New York City Residents are not eligible for school bus transportation outside of the New York City Limits. However, students are eligible to receive a MetroCard or other services provided by the New York City Department of Education’s Office of Pupil Services.

For more information about MetroCards or other services:

Visit the New York City Department of Education website or call the Office of Pupil Transportation: (718) 392-8855

  • To request a free student MetroCard, contact Loretta Mignone at the Waldorf School. Provide the student’s name, gender, grade, birthdate, and home address.
  • To purchase a discounted LIRR student ticket: Go to any LIRR ticket window. Click here for a downloadable application. For more information see: MTA School Commutation.
  • To contract your own bus: Click here for Bus Companies contracted out by NYC Dept of Ed. that may be for hire.

Suffolk County Residents

If you live within fifteen miles of the Waldorf School of Garden City,  follow the instructions provided for Nassau Country residents above. For more detailed information, click for transportation handbook.

To contract your own bus: Click here for Suffolk Bus Companies that may hire out services.

Hours of Operation

Hours of operation are as follows:


  • Monday through Friday Opening: 8:10 am*
  • Monday through Friday Dismissal: 12:00 noon
  • Monday through Friday Optional Dismissal: 3:20 pm

Grades 1 through 12:

  • Monday through Friday Opening: 8:10 am*
  • Monday through Friday Dismissal: 3:20 pm
  • Late Bus (High School Only): 6:00 pm**

*Please note that buses need to arrive in the morning by 8:05 am.
**Contact your local school district with information about sending a late bus.