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Gap at Glen Brook

Gap at Glen Brook is a Practical Education in the Broadest Sense.

Gappers don’t want to go to college simply because it’s the next step, but want to gain independence and self-reliance before entering the world beyond high school.

To spend a gap semester here, surrounded by a community of inspiring mentors, leaders, and peers is a unique opportunity to accelerate your growth and experience by learning from remarkably talented individuals.

Our staff can teach you skills of passion, sustenance, and the crafting of a life.



Here, you will intuit your goals and passions through community living, a farm-to-table lifestyle, outdoor adventure, and self-sustainability.

A semester here will give you time to reflect internally, preparing you for the acute pressures of college life.  From here, you will enter the world of university study and self-supported life with practical skill sets, lessons in leadership and responsibility, and a clearer sense of how to sustain your passions, your varied communities, and your self.

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