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COVID Testing On-Site

We are pleased to announce that The Waldorf School of Garden City has once again partnered with ATC Healthcare (ATC) to provide free, accessible, and convenient onsite COVID-19 surveillance testing each Wednesday. To register for testing please complete BOTH of the following online forms if registrant is a minor (scroll down for additional details):

ATC is currently working with several Long Island school districts and fully manages the testing process utilizing trained and certified medical practitioners.  ATC staff will administer a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test using a minimally invasive swab near the base of the nasal cavity. Results will be available in approximately 24 hours to the School, which will only be notified of positive results. Negative test results will not be reported.  ATC accepts health insurance or a social security number. For those without health insurance, the CARES Act will cover the cost.


  1. Daily Testing (when school is in session)
    • WHEN: Every Day Monday-Friday
    • Testing is required.
  2. Complete the online “Consent to Test a Minor” form above (First time only)
    • Parent/Guardian must complete this form for their child prior to the first time an in-school student is tested. The form gives consent for the first and any subsequent tests offered at the School.
  3. Register for a test using the ATC form above (First time only)

Please contact Gerald Owens at owensg@waldorfgarden.org with questions.