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Volunteer Opportunities

There are opportunities for parents, alumni, or alumni parents to offer their services on a volunteer basis in many areas of the school including; the cafeteria, The Magic Closet Craft Store, and during Admissions and Development events.

To inquire, contact the appropriate person below:

The Magic Closet: Maryjane Dougherty
Aviva Gill
Ann Mulvehill or Emanuel Vega
Development Office
: Samantha D’Aleo

Adult Education

Parenting Support & Discussion Groups

Join our community of parents as we discuss the gifts and struggles of parenting, child development, and raising healthy children in these challenging times. This class will open with a discussion, which will include topics such as rhythm, self-care, environment, developmental milestones, balancing and understanding family values, and more.

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Foundation Studies

The Winkler Center for Adult Learning offers a Foundation Studies program that includes the study of the philosophical and pedagogical works of Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Waldorf education, combined with work in the arts: eurythmy, painting, speech, and music. The two-year program began in collaboration with The Center for Anthroposophy in Wilton N.H. that sponsors similar programs around the country, as well as a high school teacher training program and renewal courses for teachers. Since 2006 the Garden City program has continued to expand locally and the Winkler Center for Adult Learning was independently established. The Winkler Center for Adult Learning provides Foundation Studies, a solid basis for Waldorf teacher training as well as art courses, seminars, and lectures that encourage self-actualization and a spiritual view of life.

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Parent Craft Circle

The Waldorf School Parent Association organizes a Parent Craft Circle which meets on Wednesday mornings outdoors or in the Lower School lobby.

Expert and beginner craft-makers from the Waldorf community are welcome to join and learn, practice, or share their craft-making skills. The goal of the Craft Group is to create handwork that will be sold at the October Fall Fair and throughout the year in the Craft Store (The Magic Closet). All proceeds from the craft sales will benefit the Parent Association.

All materials will be provided. Additional ideas for craft projects are welcome. The Group will also accept donations of wool, scraps of felt, and pieces of fabric. These items can be deposited in a box in the Craft Store.

For more information – or to share ideas – please contact: Karen Talluto.