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Parent-Teacher Association


The Waldorf School of Garden City’s Parent Association (PTA) is a vital partner in the school community. Its mission is to support the educational goals of the school, facilitate communication between families and staff, and provide an inviting and warm social environment for all members of the community.

All parents are automatically members of the Association and are welcome to attend monthly meetings.

PTA leadership consists of four parent Co-Chairs. Additionally, there are “Grade” representatives for each class in the school. Grade reps act as communication liaisons between fellow parents and the PTA. In addition to cluster and grade reps, there are Committee Chairs for the many activities hosted by the Parent-Teacher Association, from social and cultural events to workshops, fundraisers, and community outreach programs.

Involvement is the sign of a healthy association and a vibrant community!

Information Card

PTA Co-Chairs

Contact our Current Parent-Teacher Association Co-Chairs with questions:

Felicia Busto-Fraim
Josh Levitt
Jane Mrosko
Hongyu Li

Volunteer Opportunities

~Please note that volunteer opportunities are temporarily on hold due to Covid restrictions. ~

Volunteer in the Development Office
Contact: Samantha D’Aleo

Volunteer in the Admissions Office
Contact: Ann Mulvehill

Volunteer in the Magic Closet
Contact: Mary Jane Dougherty

Volunteer in the Cafeteria
Contact: Aviva Gill